Take a closer look at your customers’ perspective. This will help you understand their needs and gain valuable insights into their behavior. 7DAYS INSIGHTS provides the foundation for future business models and projects.

With 7DAYS INSIGHTS, we immerse ourselves in the intellectual world of your customers for a week. This way, we recognize what is important to them and what moves them. We will learn a lot about their unspoken needs and can respond to them. During the 7DAYS INSIGHTS, the participants fill out a digital diary. You can do this easily with a web-based app called Pliik™. This app enables a direct and high-quality exchange between the participants and our core team.

This is what you get

A clearly structured process
We continue to optimize our processes and can therefore offer you a high level of process reliability. This is very important to us.
The four-eyes principle
We want to approach your topic comprehensively so that you get the best solution for your problem. That's why two experienced Innoveto experts constantly monitor the entire process.
Participants made to measure
We are looking for suitable participants via our social media channels or help you recruit this group. Of course, you can also bring in your own contacts.
The Insights Report
At the end of the 7DAYS INSIGHTS, we bundle all the important findings and our recommendations for the next steps in the Key Insights Report.
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1. Onboarding The first day is all about the kickoff workshop. In our «Innoveto-Kitchen» in Zurich, we discuss your initial situation. Afterwards, we define your personal goal for the 7DAYS INSIGHTS. We derive important research questions from hypotheses. They form the basis for the digital diary.
2. Setting up a diary A digital diary that everyone in the group of participants fills out daily is extremely important for this format. This is done digitally in the Pliik app. Here, our core team also exchanges ideas with the participants, answers questions or responds to reactions. During the Insights week, it is very important to us that users feel that they are in good hands at all times.
3. Recruitment We select 12-15 participants for the 7DAYS INSIGHTS study. The Insights team recruits and accompanies these participants, either autonomously or in cooperation with you and your team.
4. Implementation The participants are actively supported via Pliik and push messages. Personal interactions between our core team and the participants also take place regularly. If necessary, we will conduct in-depth interviews during or after this week. During these conversations, trains of thought are reflected and classified in an even better way.
5. Evaluation Together with your team, we will analyze this week's diaries. In this one-day workshop, we condense insights, comment on data and form clusters. The aim is to highlight interesting statements and identify patterns. The cooperation of your team is extremely important in these steps.
6. Reporting
All relevant information will be summarized in the Key Insights Report for you. It forms the basis for your future work. So that you never forget what motivates your customers and what they expect from you, your products and services.
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