You want to avoid unnecessary investments in new products? After only one week you know which target you should aim for and which path to take.

DESIGN SPRINTS are useful if you don't want to invest unnecessary money in new products, services or business models. Throughout the week, we continuously check whether we are on the right track or if the value proposition needs to be adjusted. This creates a business logic and assumptions that we test on Friday with the help of high-end prototypes and real customers. With DESIGN SPRINTS, you can massively speed up innovation projects or stop them before they get too expensive.

This is what you get

A clearly structured process We continuously optimize our processes and can thus offer you a high level of process reliability. This is very important to us.
The four-eyes principle We want to approach your topic comprehensively so that you get the best solution for your problem. That's why the entire process is constantly monitored by two experienced Innoveto experts.
Recruiting participants Every core team looks different. On Monday afternoon, we define the group of experts. On Friday, we will put the test subjects together. Of course, you can introduce your own contacts and preferences.
Final sprint report At the end of the design sprint, you will receive a sprint report. It includes important insights and our recommendations for the upcoming steps.
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1. Map & Experts On Monday morning, we define the long-term goal of your project (e.g., the 5-year goal) and the best feasible route to get there. We also determine the most important players. In the afternoon, we will have this route plan challenged by selected experts. Afterwards, we set the sprint goal and select the sprint questions.
2. Sketching On Tuesday, we mainly outline solutions. In the morning, we look out for existing solutions that could help us during the sprint. In the afternoon, we dive into a structured creative process in which we develop new solutions and put them on paper.
3. Decision Wednesday is a crucial day: Today we bring together all individual fragments and extract a solution, which we will transform into prototypes on Thursday. In the afternoon, we will create a storyboard, according to which we can develop our prototype step by step.
4. Prototyping Now we'll build the prototype. Regardless of whether it is a physical or a digital product, whether you need a service or a new business model: After a day, the prototype is ready for the big test on Friday.
5. Testing On Friday it gets serious: Now our assumptions will be tested with real customers. In a special test setting, we'll confront them with the prototypes. Direct feedback is not what we are looking for, but their reactions. Based on these spontaneous impulses, we can quickly see whether we are on the right track with our project or not.
6. Reporting
All relevant information will be added to the Key Insights Report, which we will present to you and your team. It is the basis for further work on the prototype in your company.

What are we waiting for?

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