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Customer-Centric by Design

User Interviews

Understanding the Reality of your Customers

User surveys are usually carried out with the potential users of a design. This is part of a brainstorming phase or happens during early concept development. User interviews follow a structured methodology, where the interviewer prepares a series of topics that should be answered. The interviews are recorded and subsequently systematically analyzed.

Online Workshop

Develop New Ideas With Your Team

Moderation is the essence of all successful remote workshops. However, moderating a workshop can feel discouraging, especially at the beginning. What does it mean to moderate? What are your goals as a moderator? What should you be mindful of? We accompany you and your team and take care of the preparation, implementation and documentation.

Prototyping & Market Test

Accelerate Your Development

As soon as a prototype is ready it is time to gather feedback and data from the market, regardless of whether the prototype was developed with your team or if we supported you. We combine qualitative and quantitative methods in order to get to the what, why and how. Learn from your target group and save time and money.

Create a presentation (Pitch)

Convince Your Stakeholders

High quality and perfect presentations! We create professional templates and convincing presentations that correspond 100% with the design of your company in terms of layout, colors and fonts. Together we develop content and get right to the heart of it.

Virtual Design Sprint

Test your business ideas

Organizations need to innovate faster than ever, but working from home can be quite a challenging task. So how about a virtual design sprint? Sounds crazy? - Well, we think it's the perfect solution. In just one week we check your idea with real user feedback and determine if the idea is on the right track

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